Young Children

Minyan Gadol

Ner Tamid in the Glick ChapelRodfei Zedek is offering a new minyan this year, called "Minyan Gadol," which will meet once a month on Shabbat mornings.  Geared towards children ages 6 and above and their families, this minyan will include an abridged service, Torah reading by children, teens, and adults, and a discussion of the weekly Torah portion.  Older children will learn how to be a gabbai

Yom Shishi at CRZ

Children are invited to bring their parents, grandparents and friends of all ages to join us for "Yom Shishi at CRZ"—a new Friday afternoon program for all ages at Rodfei Zedek.  On one Friday afternoon for each of the next four months, we will gather to explain and explore the concept of "Midrash" and how we can understand ourselves and our people's history through this lens.  Not familiar with Midrash?  No worries.  Join us on February 12th to learn more as we relay our own personal birth stories as a means of understanding our collective story as a People.&n


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