Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration at RMC

The Hyde Park & Kenwood Interfaith Council has sponsored an Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service for over 90 years.  This service is a celebration of the Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood’s religious and community diversity, typically featuring readings and chants from diverse religious traditions, musical selections by the Chicago Children's Choir, organ and other vocal or choral music, and a keynote speaker to be announced.

This service is co‑sponsored by the University of Chicago at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, 5850 South Woodlawn Avenue.

The offering taken up at this service supports those who seek assistanceat Thanksgiving and throughout the yearthrough the Hyde Park & Kenwood Interfaith Council Hunger Programs and through the work of the Interfaith Council's case manager, who serves those in need at the hunger programs, soup kitchen, and free medical clinic.  The generous offerings at the Thanksgiving celebration supports these efforts, which are so important to those in need in our communities.  If you are unable to attend the service but would like to add to the offering, please make your check payable to "Hyde Park & Kenwood Hunger Programs" and mail it to HPK Hunger Programs, c/o Hyde Park Union Church, 5600 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago IL 60637.

This event is free and open to the public.
N.B.: Early arrival will improve your parking and seating choices.

Date and Time: 
Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 11:00am
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