11 Nights of Learning: Third Night

The third session of the 11 Nights of Learning is hosted by the Jewish Enrichment Center, at Congregation Rodfei Zedek

"After the Tree of Life shooting this past October, we (two Jewish educators living in Chicago) wanted to do something to honor the dead. The result is 11 Nights of Learning, a series of gatherings, one for each life lost, where Jewish people from all over the Chicago area can learn, be together, and remember.

Our hopes are twofold.

One, to create inclusive, connective spaces for the wider Chicago Jewish community, by holding these nights across the city, across Jewish practice, and across styles of teaching, learning, and remembering.

Two, to honor and bless the memories of those who died at Tree of life through a dedication to continuing the work of understanding what it means to be in and of this world.

Our 3rd meeting will be on January 24th at the Jewish Enrichment Center, starting at 7PM. We will be remembering Joyce Fienberg, a researcher at University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center, which conducts research on cognitive neuroscience, social and motivational factors in learning, among other areas."

More information about the series and this event here

Date and Time: 
Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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