The Shavuot Gourmet!

Teri EdelsteinOn Sunday morning (10:00-11:15), Hyde Park resident Teri Edelstein will demonstrate her special dairy recipes for Shavuot and other occasions.

The custom of eating dairy foods on Shavuot has several explanations; one suggestion is that the Torah itself is compared to milk (Song of Songs 4:11):  "Like honey and milk [The Torah] lies under your tongue."  Just as milk nourishes a baby, the Torah provides all of the spiritual nourishment that we need.  A numerological explanation ("Gematria") is that the numerical value of the Hebrew word for milk, Chalav, is 40.  Therefore, eating milk on Shavuot reminds us of the 40 days that Moses spent on Mount Sinai.

The foods we will encounter are easy to prepare and are a delicious way to celebrate the holiday or other occasion.  Teri's demon­stration will show us how to make two different noodle kugels, one savory and one sweet, and she will also share a recipe for special Greek cookies.  All are welcome for the demonstration which will include tastings!  Please email [email protected] or call the Rodfei office at 773.752.2770 to let us know you're planning to attend.

Date and Time: 
Sunday, April 30, 2017 - 10:00am
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