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Elul Project 5778 smallThe Elul Project, a collaboration between CRZ and the Jewish Enrichment Center, celebrates our diversity during the month leading up to the High Holidays.  The Elul Project offers those who enter the building ways to engage with these sacred Holy Days through visual, textual, and audio experiences to prepare us for a meaningful year ahead.  We seek to create a richly diverse, experiential tapestry of our community through the personal and communal stories contained within these representations.  → larger image

Rabbi David Minkus invites you to collaborate with him in creating the audio project, consisting of recordings of members' memories of important relationships, reflections on family values passed on through the generations, and thoughts about what is special about the High Holidays. If you would like to participate in creating this special experience to be shared during the holidays, please contact Rabbi Minkus ([email protected]).

Elul Project bannersThese images relate to the 5777 Elul Project, which centered on our liturgy and themes of the season:  forgiveness, power, struggle, awe, yearning.  Thoughts and ideas from our community, young and old, alongside wisdom from past generations were poured into physical reality in the atrium and on the back wall of the sanctuary.

Elul Project panel

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