Youth Education

learning togetherRodfei Zedek offers a unique approach to Jewish education, "One Synagogue with Many Schools."  Childhood Jewish education and a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program are offered at Rodfei Zedek.  Some Rodfei families send their children to the Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School.  We provide a Shabbat Minyan Gadol for children ages six and above and a Minyan Katan for pre-schoolers and their families.  Following youth services, children and families join the Masorti service for Adon Olam, followed by Kiddush lunch for all in the Newberger Social Hall.

Childhood Jewish Education • Infants-Eighth Grade
The Jewish Enrichment Center offers a Sunday/Afterschool program at Rodfei Zedek with multiple weekly sessions on Sunday mornings and on Monday-Thursday afternoons.

Bar/Bat Mizvah Program
  Supporting and celebrating our students and their families

Youth Education Committee
CRZ’s Youth Education Committee has been meeting regularly to enrich and expand the already strong youth and family education offerings available to our community.  Chaired by Stacie Dennis and Meg Schwartz, the committee’s mission is to develop innovative programming with the goal of inspiring our children to gain the skills, values, and experiences that will shape the development of their Jewish identity as they mature.  These new educational experiences will supplement the youth educational activities already taking place throughout our extended community, such as those offered through the JCC, Jewish Enrichment Center, Teen Beit Midrash, Akiba-Schechter, and other CRZ youth, Shabbat and holiday programs.

Through innovation and collaboration, the committee hopes to encourage greater involvement of families in our broader community by focusing on the following youth education areas:  Synagogue/Home Jewish Life Practices, Religious/Cultural Programming, Understanding of our Jewish History and Israel, Encouraging Volunteerism and Social Activism, Instilling Empowerment, and Cultivating Jewish Values (i.e. what it means to be a “mensch.”)  For more information and to get more involved with Youth Education, contact Stacie <nstacie_at_yahoo_dot_com> or Meg <meg.a.walsh_at_gmail_dot_com>.

Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School
Akiba-Schechter provides a child-centered secular and Judaic education in Hyde Park to a diverse community of Jewish children from all over Chicagoland.  For more information, contact Head of School, Dr. Eliezer Jones <[email protected]>.

Hyde Park Teen Beit Midrash
The Hyde Park Teen Beit Midrash meets most Sunday mornings at Rodfei Zedek.  Facilitated by Aryeh Bernstein and Avital Morris, this program welcomes teens from 7th‑10th grades from across the broader community.