Welcome to Rodfei Zedek

"Shalom" window by Yaacov AgamCongregation Rodfei Zedek is a vibrant, unique, and inviting community.  We attract individuals and families from all over Chicago, with diverse backgrounds and from across the spectrum of Jewish observance.  When we come together to celebrate our common values, that diversity is a big part of what makes Rodfei Zedek special, inclusive, and unique.

We are a welcoming community.  We’re proud of our multi-generational membership and are particularly supportive of young children and their families.  We’re guided by the principles of Conservative Judaism while simultaneously respecting multiple orientations toward religious thought and practice and encouraging meaningful dialog surrounding all aspects of Jewish life.

Rodfei Zedek’s lay leaders, clergy and staff enjoy a strong and fruitful partnership.  Together, we create a wide range of opportunities through which we worship, learn, and get to know each other.  Our Friday night services and potluck dinners are lively and participatory for all ages, including our treasured summer tradition, “Shabbat al Fresco.”  Our weekly Shabbat morning services are spirited and participatory; and our monthly Na’aseh V’Nishma service features musical instruments, contemporary melodies, and an extended Torah study.  “This American Shabbat” continues to bring contemporary meaning to our timeless texts on special Shabbat mornings during the year.  Our holiday-based “pop‑up restaurant” transforms Rodfei Zedek into an extraordinary culinary setting with innovative Jewish flare.

We hope you’ll check out our adult education offerings led by congregants and staff, including a weekly Talmud study, our communal “One Book, One Rodfei  Zedek” experience, and programs like “ReBar” which help us re‑imagine and renew the personal meaning behind the notion of Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  One of our newest offerings, “CRZ’s Wondering Year,” explores the meaning behind the rhythms of the Jewish holidays and calendar.

We hope you’ll seek out our family education programs that will particularly appeal to your children, such as Minyan Katan, Minyan Gadol, the Community Retreat, special holiday events like our Community Megillah reading, and much more.  We are enriched through our community partnerships with the Jewish Enrichment Center and the Hyde Park Teen Beit Midrash, as they offer unparalleled programs for our youth.

Rodfei Zedek continues to create new opportunities for people of all ages to build engagement and connection to our tradition.  Our community’s leaders are experienced, open, and eager to engage with you whether you are in need of pastoral counseling or seek collaboration in planning and celebrating life cycle events.  There are many points of entry into the Rodfei Zedek community with new ones continuing to emerge as our community grows and thrives.

Rodfei Zedek is continually dedicated to welcoming new participants and to creating meaningful expressions of Jewish life for all ages.

Join us!