Website 4.0

Our website reflects online-host Jvillage Network's 2.0 platform upgrade.  In addition to subtle advantages, this platform scales for enhanced display on smartphones and tablets (try landscape!).  If there's information you miss, and when you discover broken links, please report the problems with the webpage URLs to [email protected] for her punch list.

Website information and photos wanted:  Please send information about programs and activities to [email protected] to keep the website current, valuable, and interesting.  Also photos of activities, not larger than 1000 pixels on the longer size.  Photos to be used on the home page slideshow must be 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high.

fyi about the Events box in the right-hand column:  This box displays the next four "featured" events.  Click on the link, "This Month's Calendar >", to view all events on the calendar.

Try the following tips and information for getting the most out of your online visit adapted from earlier versions of the website.  Your corrections, suggestions, and comments will help immensely.  Please email them to [email protected].

Go to Home Page.  Click on the Home button in the navigation bar or on the CRZ name on the left side of the banner at the top of every webpage.

Font Size.  If you are viewing the website on a computer and the font size is uncomfortably small, try pressing Control and the +/= key once or twice.  Conversely, if the font size is larger than you like, try pressing Control and the underscore/dash key once or twice.  To return to the default size for your browser, press Control and the zero key.    The fonts are Source Sans and Bitter Slab

Scrolling up and down a webpage.  To quickly navigate pages with more than one screen of information, try using the Page Up and Page Down keys.  Also, the Home and End keys should take you to the top and bottom of the webpage, respectively.

Calendar.  Click on the name of an event in the Calendar to display supplementary details.  Quick transit to other months in the calendar may be achieved by putting your cursor in the URL box, clicking the right arrow so the current URL is no longer highlighted, and adding a slash, the year, and the number of the month; for instance, for June 2017:

Link color.  Links appear as blue text, the conventional link indicator.

Links to other websites.  The inclusion of links to other websites that may be useful to our visitors is not an endorsement of views therein by Congregation Rodfei Zedek or by the WebEditor.

New browser windows.  A new window will open when you click on a link to a page outside the CRZ website.  To close the current window:

  • Click in the "X" box in the upper-right corner, or
  • Access the pull-down File menu either by using your cursor or by entering Alt‑f on the keyboard, and then choose Close, or
  • Press Ctrl-w on the keyboard.

JVillage Network and Darim Online.  CRZ contracted with Darim Online, a non-profit organization, in 2004 to redevelop and host our website.  Darim Online developed the sophisticated website architecture, persistent navigation, and graphic design of our former site.  In 2009 Jvillage Network purchased Darim Online's website development and hosting program.  Jvillage Network's adoption of a new Content Management System occasioned the redevelopment of our website in 2011 and refinements in 2013.  In 2016 a dynamic redesign further enhanced display on smartphones and tablets to better serve those viewing the website on mobile devices.

Local content.  The volunteer WebEditor works in consultation with and under the direction of the Cantor.
Our website content comes from many sources, including the annual CRZ Welcome Book, material developed by CRZ's founding Webmaster (z"l), and all manner of materials carefully written and produced by CRZ staff and member‑volunteers.