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ללמוד וללמד
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"Israel and the Torah are one" – Do you remember learning the song as a child?  The words come back as we delve into this new issue.  One author after another speaks of how important Torah is to each of us separately and to us as a community, of how essential it is as an aid in thinking about and living in our world.
          Shanah Tova,
              The Editors

Cover of Fall 2017 To Learn and to TeachRodfei Zedek, a proud “Congregation of Learners,” is home to an impressive array of thinkers and writers.  Come meet them in our journal of ideas, To Learn and To Teach.

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To Learn and To Teach is a biannual publication of the Adult Education Committee.
Editorial Board:  Shirley Holbrook, Andrey Kuznetsov, Joan Neal, Joseph Peterson

Please let us know your opinions.  Criticisms, questions, and, especially, offers to contribute can be submitted in person or via email to [email protected].

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