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Bimah From DoorMasorti Service
Our weekly traditional, participatory, egalitarian service with a full, member-led Torah Reading.  Rabbi David Minkus and Cantor Rachel Rosenberg engage us in both prayer and learning throughout the service.  Congregants often lead major sections of the morning and afternoon service.  Members of the community, along with outside speakers, facilitate learning through text study, sharing insights into the Torah portion as we thrive on being a Congregation of Learners.

About the windows in the sanctuary:  God, the Torah, and Israel are One.

Glick ChapeNa'aseh V'Nishma Minyan
Once a month, join us in the Glick Chapel for an uplifting service in the spirit of the words above the Ark in the Simon Sanctuary, "We do, we learn."  This service explores new ways to celebrate Shabbat together, including an extended Torah study facilitated by members of the community, and parts of the service enhanced through instrumental accompaniment.  Torah readings of varying lengths offer opportunities for participation at all levels. Generally meets the first Shabbat of each month as part of First Shabbat.  There are additional Na'aseh V'Nishma dates when a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is celebrated with the Na'aseh V'Nishma service. All are welcome.

Minyan Katan
This minyan is geared towards children ages 0-5 and their families (including grandparents!).  Come to our joyful services for prayer, song, and dance, often with guitar‑led music.  These Saturday morning services ususally meet the first Shabbat of each month as part of First Shabbat.

Minyan Gadol
A Saturday morning service for children ages 6 and above and their families. Older children will learn how to be a gabbai to help run the service. Rabbi David Minkus will lead the service with the participation of Cantor Rachel Rosenberg. 5780 dates:  November 16 2019, December 14 2019, January 11 2020, March 21 2020, April 11 2020

On Shabbat mornings when we have multiiple services, we provide childcare so that parents may experience a few moments of unencumbered worship and study after Minyan Katan.

This American Shabbat
This American Shabbat at CRZThis American Shabbat is based on National Public Radio's This American Life.  But rather than Ira Glass and a team of writers discussing a given issue, three members of the community will offer their nuanced understandings of the week's Torah portion.  The participants will have studied the parasha with Rabbi Minkus, and each will craft a D'var Torah that will be shaped and informed by those discussions.  The program challenges the participants, and all of us, to understand how our personal exploration of Judaism relates to the Torah.  This American Shabbat is a community-wide program where we engage with each other intellectually, socially, and, of course, over food.  So on each Friday night prior to This American Shabbat, we will have Shabbat dinners around the community.  Please join us for inspiring words of Torah and the delicious company of old and new friends.
5780 dates: November 16 2019, February 29 2020, May 16 2020.

Reading Torah and Haftarah and Leading Parts of the Service
Rodfei Zedek has a fine tradition of Torah-reading by members of the Congregation; this enriches the Congregation and it deepens our own insight into Torah.  We often read on the anniversary of b’nai mitzvah, for a yahrzeit, at a family simcha, or whenever!  You can sign up to read Torah online.  If you’d like to learn to chant Torah or Haftarah or to lead parts of the service, contact the Cantor Rosenberg.

Are you observing a yahrzeit?  Celebrating a special event?  Bringing a guest you wish to honor?  Please inform the office know during the week or greet the gabbai early in the Shabbat morning service, and the gabbai will try to accommodate you.

Whichever service you attend, everyone comes together in the Newberger Social Hall for a light Kiddush or a Kiddush lunch.  When there is a guest speaker, we enjoy a meal together and hear the speaker after lunch.

The Mitzvah of Hospitality
Hosting a Kiddush on Shabbat morning is a lovely way to celebrate both Shabbat and a special event in your life, be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah—or whatever it is that strikes your fancy.  Support the vibrant sense of community found at Rodfei Zedek’s Shabbat Kiddush lunch.  Bring people together after morning services and create opportunities for discussion, learning, singing, relaxation, and friendship.
→ Learn more about our Adopt-a-Shabbat program.  Please contact Julie Ratowitz, Executive Director, at the office or via email to [email protected] to select a Shabbat or Yom Tov for hosting a Kiddush.