One Book, One Rodfei Zedek

Join us for this year’s exciting program, One Book, One Rodfei Zedek, offering congregants the chance to come together over a compelling read, guided by congregant Stephanie Friedman.  During the High Holiday season we will have the opportunity to consider and select the book we will experience together in 5779.  Watch for more information via our electronic newsletter, website, and Facebook, and then vote for your favorite!

  • The first year’s read, based on the community’s choice, was Family Properties:  How the Struggle Over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America by Beryl Satter.  The series of events inspired by the book culminated in a visit with the author.  At that event, we discussed the book’s exploration of segregation and housing discrimination in postwar Chicago and how the Jewish and African-American communities in the city were affected by the events and trends that unfolded.
  • Then we read Second Person, Singular by Sayed Kashua.  Once again, after a series of discussions throughout the year, we had the opportunity to meet with the author to hear about his experience as an Arab Israeli living in Jerusalem and later in the United States, along with insights into his characters and other projects.
  • Last year, we read Ariel Sabar’s My Father’s Paradise:  A Son's Search for His Family's Past, a thoughtful journey into his father’s past in Kurdish Iraq and his journey to the U.S. as an Aramaic language scholar.