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Come for the Holidays, Stay for the Year.

For first-time members we offer an enticing introductory membership package.  For the same amount as High Holiday guest tickets—$225 for individuals, $450 for families—the introductory membership plan includes High Holiday tickets for 2018 and 2019 plus all the benefits of membership through December 2019.

Mission Statement

At Congregation Rodfei Zedek we are committed to enhancing the spiritual dimension of our modern lives. We strive to be a learning congregation, developing our various interests and capabilities as Jews to advance our observance, celebration, study, and service to the community.  We are dedicated to…

  • Encouraging widespread involvement in many different forms of Jewish learning at many different levels;
  • Enabling and encouraging widespread participation in prayer and observance, respecting different orientations toward religious thought and practice and guided by the principles of Conservative Judaism;
  • Welcoming and serving a multi-generational community; and
  • Providing a setting that is particularly appreciative and supportive of young children and their families.

Benefits of Membership

Opportunities to participate in the Rodfei Zedek community extend beyond the High Holidays.  Members and staff together—along with the Jewish calendar—have created a range of worship, learning, and social opportunities that take place throughout the year.  Our goal is to meet the diverse interest and needs of our members.  In addition to tickets for the High Holidays including all dependent children, we offer:

The possibilities for participating in a vibrant learning community are bounded only by our imaginations.

Dues:  Terumah

Terumah, named after the free-will offering that our people gave to build the first sanctuary in the desert (Exodus 25:1‑2), replaces our traditional membership fees.  We want the financial structure of Rodfei Zedek to reflect the spirit of our community, and to be as clear and participatory as our coming together as a kehillah, a sacred community.  Members are asked to make a voluntary financial commit­­ment to Rodfei Zedek for 2018.  To balance our budget, we recommend a commitment of $1,500 for single‑adult households and $3,000 for two‑adult households.  These amounts do not include the Kol Nidre appeal, which we will continue as a separate appeal, or members' other wonderful general donations.  Financial commmit­ments for 2017 must be paid in full, as well as any other outstanding debts to the synagogue, before your High Holiday tickets will be mailed.  Sustaining Members further strengthen the Congregation's operations. 

Under the Terumah program, we welcome everyone who wants to be a member.  We ask you to participate at a level that reflects your heart, your resources, and your commitment to our community.

To learn more about this program, please contact the Synagogue Administrator, Sherry Gutman ([email protected] or 773.752.2770).  Your commitment continues to be tax deductible for federal income tax purposes

More Information?

Contact the Membership Committee for information about membership in CRZ ([email protected] or call the office at 773.752.2770).