Early Childhood

jec_logo_smallThe Jewish Enrichment Center is an independent Sunday/Afterschool where children engage in creative, in‑depth projects to become co‑creators of Jewish life.

The Jewish Enrichment Center (calendar) offers multiple sessions weekly, Sunday-Thursday, for children in preschool through 6th grade.  While two sessions/week is the minimum for children in kindergarten and older, many children come three or more days, and children are welcome to attend as many sessions/week as the family wants.  An infant/toddler group (with grown‑ups) meets on Sunday mornings with its own dedicated early childhood educator.  Families are welcome throughout the year.

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, children involve their whole selves in Jewish learning.  Long-term projects let children dive into questions that matter to them while developing foundational Jewish literacy.  Here children express their ideas about Judaism in clay, conversation, blocks, dance, and a hundred other “languages,” as part of the long tradition of Jewish conversation.  Our warm, Hebrew-filled environment fosters friendship, curiosity, critical thinking, and empathy.  All Jewish children are welcome and valued at the Jewish Enrichment Center—unaffiliated, congregational, and day school families alike.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Rebecca Milder at 773.234.9403 or [email protected], or see jewishenrichment.org.