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Social Action

"Listen to Me, you who pursue justice (rodfei zedek), you who seek the Lord." Isaiah 51:1

Committed to Community…Committed to Chesed

Be present to say Hineni, “I am here” for one another during life transitions and life “happening.  Please let the office know if you are willing to be called to help with meals, shopping, baby-sitting, being in a shiva minyan, driving etc.  We invite you to let us know if you could use our help as you go through one of these transitions or if you know someone else is in need in the community.

We are also interested in pairing grandparents with young families who have no family around.  If you wish to be paired as a grandparent or family, or if you can help in any way, contact the office.

The Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago

The JUF is the tzedakah arm of Chicago Jews and the parent organization of the Hyde Park JCC, which shares our building. JUF works to feed, counsel, and care for those in need in the Jewish community and the larger Chicago community.  See a list of Jewish Federation Agencies and Supported Programs in our links section.

The Jewish Theological Seminary

The Seminary is the academic center of the Conservative Movement.  JTS trains rabbis, cantors, and educators, and provides academically accredited programs for college and graduate studies, Jewish social work, etc.  Founded in 1886, it has been the home of leading scholars in Judaic studies; and the JTS Library is the world's most varied and substantial collection of Jewish books.

Ma'ot Chitim

Members of Rodfei Zedek annually help in the delivery of Ma'ot Chitim (food packages) for the High Holidays and Passover.  The recipients are very grateful, the Ma'ot Chitim of Greater Chicago organizers are very grateful for our participation, and it's a mitzvah!  If you're in good shape and are looking around for a new mitzvah to take on, consider joining this group.  Participants must be age 12 or older to go into the warehouse.  To volunteer to pack or to deliver on September 17 for Rosh HaShanah and in the spring for Pesach, phone 847.674.3224 or email [email protected]

Hyde Park-Kenwood Interfaith Council

Founded in 1911, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Interfaith Council is among the oldest interfaith organizations in the nation.  It is an association of religious and spiritual communities, seminaries, and services organizations which intentionally cooperate to foster just and compassionate relationships and interconnectedness.

Bret Harte Partnership

Congregation Rodfei Zedek has entered into a partnership with our local elementary school, Bret Harte.  It is a school of 380 students from pre‑K to 8th grade, with many coming from low-income families.  We hope to partner on many programs while develop­ing a strong connection in both directions.  Emily Nothnagel, Diverse Learners Teacher at Bret Harte, let us know that she is in need of the following.  If you would like to help out please contact her at

  • someone who can help organize a classroom library
  • donations to purchase "wobble chairs" so students can move around while they work
  • anyone who knows about the trees in the neighborhood who can help lead a nature walk with her students
  • sneakers, backpacks, binders
  • Miss Nothnagel also need volunteers throughout the school year, so let her know if that sounds appealing to you!  She says, "The kids here are just wonderful!!"

Ms. Johnson's project to create a library area in a Pre K-2 classroom was fully funded.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Chicago

From HIAS:  "Today, more than 65 million people are displaced around the world; of those over 20 million are refugees.  As Jews, we are uniquely positioned to respond to this crisis as we have an acute understanding of what it means to be forced to flee our homes; to be strangers in a new land.  Funds raised will enable HIAS to support refugee families from West Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe as they rebuild their lives.  Visit this HIAS webpage to learn more and make your donation online.  Questions?  Contact Jessica Schaffer, HIAS Chicago Director, at [email protected]  Thank you for being a partner in this important work."  fyi re HIAS Chicago and four Chicago-area synagogues.

Hyde Park Refugee Project

Rodfei Zedek members are invited to support a coalition of Hyde Park organizations that has formed to partner with RefugeeOne to help two Syrian refugee families who have experienced war, terror and persecution to build a new life of safety, dignity and self-reliance in Hyde Park.  Click on the link to learn about the Hyde Park Refugee Project.  Scroll down on that webpage to donate household items and to stay informed about volunteer opportunities or sharing employment leads.

Member-Inspired Organizations

Many of our members serve on the boards or volunteer for superb organizations that seek to make the world a kinder, more just, greener, more hospitable place for all of us.  We want to create an informal listing of all of the organizations in which our members actively participate as a way of inviting you in as a volunteer in Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World).  Please contact the office if you volunteer with an organization that you would like to have included.