Nes gadol hayah sham:  A great miracle happened there!

Sunday, December 15, 2019Hanukkah
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day, December X
     Light the first candle
day, December X
     CRZ Hanukkah Party
Friday, December X
     Light six candles before lighting your Shabbat candles
Saturday, December X
     Light seven candles after Havdalah
day, December X
     Light all eight candles

Blessing the Hanukah lights
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Students making Hanukkah bannerThe ceremony of kindling the Hanukkah lights should be observed in a spirit of reverence and dignity.  The candles should be lit as soon as possible after nightfall, but it is appropriate to wait until all members of the family are present at the ceremony.  Everyone should have the opportunity of kindling the lights.  The Hanukkah candles should be lit and placed in a position where they can be seen by the general public–the window of your home is a good place.

Light the shamash candle first.  This is then used to light the other candles.  On the first evening of Hanukkah, one candle is lit.  It is placed on the far right as you face the hanukiah.  On the second night and each succeeding night, the candle for that particular evening, which is the one farthest to the left, is lit first.

On Friday, the Hanukkah candles can be lit only before sundown and before the Shabbat candles are lit.  On Saturday the Hanukkah candles are kindled after Havdalah, which marks the conclusion of Shabbat.