•          Welcome

    B'ruchim HaBa-im

           ברוכים הבאים


    Welcome to our synagogue

    in vibrant & historic Hyde Park.


  • B'ruchim HaBa-im

           ברוכים הבאים


    Welcome to Rodfei Zedek:

      One Community, Many Voices.


  • B'ruchim HaBa-im

           ברוכים הבאים


    We welcome you to participate

    in our unique, egalitarian, and

    diverse expressions of Judaism.

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Shabbat Services
Saturday morning .......... 9:30 a.m.
Kiddush Lunch ............. 12:15 p.m.

March 25 – Vayakhel-Pekudei
  Shabbat HaChodesh
  At kiddush: "Other Isaiahs?"
March 31 – Shabbat B'Yachad
April 1 – Vayikra
  Minyan Katan and Minyan Gadol
April 8 – Tzav
  Shabbat HaGadol
April 10-18 – Pesach
April 15 – Chol Hamoed Pesach
  Na'aseh V'Nishma Minyan

Morning Minyan
Monday Talmud study

The Season of Our Liberation


Rodfei Gift Shop at Pesach

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